Video files

Smart Motor Devices presentation clip

SMD BLD-20 + IGUS belt drive

Using our Brushless driver BLD-20 with Igus Linear belt drive


SMD-mini - the series of built-in stepper motor drivers

BMD + Brake - easy and convenient way

Usage of DC motor with brake with BMD driver

BMSD - setting a new communication address with RS-485

安徽12注大乐透一等奖Video help for DC brush motor controller - demonstrates the procedure of resetting and setting new communication addres for RS-485 interface.

BMD-R - review

Video review about DC brush motor controller with remote radio control option - BMD-R.

SMSD-1.5 and SMSD-4.2 review and how to

安徽12注大乐透一等奖Video review about programmable stepmotor controllers SMSD-1.5 and SMSD-4.2.

Stepper motor load inertia - educational video