DC Brush Gearmotors, Drives, Controllers

DC Brush Motors, Drives, Controllers

DC brush motor is one of the most widly used type of electric motors. Brush motors are asy to use and in common don't need any electronics to run. At once there is possibility to improve dc brush motor movement in order to adjust motion for exact application.We supply dc motors with planetary, spur and worm gearheads.

We design and manufacture drivers and controllers for DC brush motors with current up to 12Amp. These units control speed, direction, smooth start and stop of the motor. There is speed stabilization function for motors with encoder. Communication interface allow control brush motor drive from PC or PLC.

DC brush motors with gearheads

DC brush gearmotor

安徽12注大乐透一等奖We offer DC brush motors output power up to 240W, voltage 24VDC. Other specifications are on request.

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Drivers and controllers for DC brush motors

DC brush motor controller

安徽12注大乐透一等奖At the moment we have designed and offer the next series for DC brush motor control - BMD, BMD-R and BMSD. BMD drivers control speed, direction, smooth start and stop of DC brush motors. BMD-R is the similar controller, but with an additional remote control option. BMSD controllers adjust speed, direction, smooth start and stop of DC brush motors both per external signals and per commands via RS485. Speed stabilization is possible for motors with feedback encoder.

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DC brush motor drives

Complete DC brushmotor drive

安徽12注大乐透一等奖Complete DC brush motor drives are based on our controllers BMD and BMSD series. Complete DC brush motor drives consist of DC brush gearmotor and suitable controller.

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